50 shades of gold

50 shades of gold

If several decades ago you asked your parents what colour is gold, they would have confidently said that it's red. Proverbs often state that something is golden yellow. Meanwhile, recent trends show preference to white gold. So how many shades of gold are there?

Basic colours

Both our ancestors and modern fans of gold are right — gold comes in all of these colours. The basic tones are red, white and yellow, while the rest are derivatives from these. 

First of all, let's find out how the shade of gold is achieved. Pure, unprocessed gold is bright yellow. However, it's very soft, so many years of jewellery-making traditions involves mixing in various additional metals to make it stronger. Of course, these additional metals can alter the colour too. It's like a cocktail — more syrup will make it sweeter, more alcohol — stronger. The same goes with gold. The 585 gold hallmark shows that 1000 grams (1 kg) of gold contains 585 g of pure, cleaned gold, while the rest goes for additional materials. How about the proportions? This usually remains a secret of the jeweller or the company, because everyone wants to have their own unique recipe. 

Green, blue, black, brown... 

Yes, all of these could be the colours of gold. Of course, brighter shades are usually achieved by coating, rather than the alloy itself. 

Current trends show jewellery made of various shades of coated white gold. You want an icy shine? We can do it, by applying a coat of rhodium. A platinum look? We can do it with a greyer shade of white gold. 

The line between yellow and red gold is becoming thinner and thinner, giving way for gentle or brighter pink, orange or pinkish shades of gold, sometimes making it impossible to distinguish, what is the basis of that cocktail — yellow or red gold.

If you want to be especially original, get something made of light blue gold. 

Take a look at something made of gentle green gold.

That's why we like to say that there is 50 shades of gold, because, in truth, contrary to our parents' old beliefs, gold can be any shade you like.